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YiFeng Spirits

Being frank and righteous:  is the guideline to present who we are and what we do. It disregards how big the power we have, and how high the position we possess. Without such spirit, no one can set a good model.


Being courtesy and respectful: is the basic of our social status. To build our society in order, we have to be polite and considerable, so that all our people together can be in harmony.


Being united and friendly: is our company creed. No matter how excellent our individuals are, without such spirit, we will be only a gathering of crowds without any corporation.


Being grateful and dedicated: is the initial power for us to keep in progress and happiness. With such spirit, we do not feel we are lonely and meaningless, we are living in a world of care and bless.


Being endeavoring and striving: is the key way to complete our mission. With our goal focused, step by step struggle towards it, we must be able to reach the target.




Quality Policy

Integrity first
Credibility is the enterprise's life. Commitment to customers must be done.


Customer highest
Customer-focused is to meet and exceed customers expectations.


People oriented
Esteem talent, in order to improve the overall quality as the goal, promote full participation.


Quality win    
To continue to strengthen our awareness of quality, value the importance of product quality at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of our services.


Keep improving
Active use of scientific management methods, through a number of activities aim to achieve and improve continuously, continue to improve our product quality and management level.

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